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Bulloch County Forestry Pageant

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2004 Bulloch Co Forestry Queens:

Jill MacDonald – Miss   Ansley Oliver – Teen Miss

Taylor Craft – Junior Miss  Savannah Morris – Little Miss

Alexis Stewart- Tiny Miss  Jaylee Mallard- Teeny Miss

Our 2004 Queens are individually listed below.  Some of these queens have their own home pages.  You may visit their home page by clicking on their picture or link. 

***Click here for News from our Queens***

Jill MacDonald


Jill is the 21 year old daughter of John & Debbie MacDonald of Waynesboro.  She is a student at GSU.  Jill is an active volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in Savannah and is a member of the  ___Sorority.

Taylor Craft


Taylor is the 12 year old daughter of Donna & Gilbert Ramirez of Ellabell.  She is a 7th Grade student at Bryan County Middle School.  She has one sister named Haley.

Taylor's Home Page

Alexis Stewart


Alexis is the 4 year old daughter of James & Melissa Stewart of Newington. 
Alexis has one sister.

Ansley Oliver


Ansley is our Teen Miss Queen.  She is the 16 year old daughter of Mike and Karen Oliver.  Ansley has one brother named Ashley.  She is a Junior at Bryan County High School.  Ansley is also Miss Bryan County.

Ansley's Home Page

Savannah Morris


Savannah is the 8 year old daughter of Kenneth & April Morris of Brooklet. 
She attends Brooklet Elementary School.  Savannah also is our 2004 Little Miss Georgia Forestry Queen.

Jaylee Mallard


Jaylee Nicole Mallard is the almost 2 year old daughter of Joe & Laurie Mallard of Sylvania. She has one 8 year old brother, Ridge, and she will be a big sister in Feb of 2005.  She has blue eyes and dark blond hair.  Her favorite food is chicken.  She loves watching Winnie the Pooh and her favorite thing to do is play with her brother.
She is sponsered by J.W.M. Trucking



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