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Butterfly Kisses Fundraiser Pageant
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2005 Crown pictured above

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I still haven't labeled the pictures, I will get to that tomorrow, Also, More Pictures will be up soon......keep checking back.....

2005 2nd Annual Miss Butterfly Kisses Results


Miss – Amanda Jones (Prettiest Dress, Eyes, Hair, & Smile)

1st Runner-up – Constantina Stathopoulas

2nd Runner-up – Maranda Odom


Teen Miss – Cory Samples (Prettiest Dress, Hair & Smile)

1st Runner-up – Erin Patrick (Prettiest Eyes)

2nd Runner-up- DeeAnne Walker

3rd Runner-up – LaTonya Crosby

4th Runner-up – Sarah Bell


Junior Miss – Hannah Cornelius (Prettiest Dress, Eyes, & Hair)

1st Runner-up – Maria  Stathopoulos

2nd Runner-up – Maggie Purcell (Prettiest Smile)

3rd Runner-up – Megan Taylor

4th Runner-up Mercedes Bell (People’s Choice Winner)


Little Miss – Breanna Popham (Prettiest Dress, Eyes, Hair, & Smile)

1st Runner-up – Crystal Mock

2nd Runner-up – Daisy Manning


Tiny Miss – Jacey Thomas (Prettiest Eyes, & Hair)

1st Runner-up – Kaitlyn Wilch (Prettiest Dress & Smile)

2nd Runner-up – Mackenzie Miller

3rd Runner-up – Mirah Bell


Teeny Miss – Sydney Dorsey (Prettiest Dress, Eyes, Hair, & Smile)


We had a great pageant on Saturday!!! Thank you mothers for helping us with our Fundraiser!!!  Special thanks to Bruce Conner for doing an outstanding job Emceeing! My entertainment was great!! Thank you Sassy Sister’s for allowing Marah Mimbs, McKensey Williamson, Jacey Thomas, & Chelsea Evans to show off their new dances.  They were great.  Thanks to Megan Taylor, Haley Craft,  & Ashlee O’Steen!  Megan & Taylor blew the audience away with their dance & Ashlee charmed them all with her singing!!


Thanks to my Little Helpers, Miss Emily Patrick, Miss Haley Craft, & Miss Ashlee O’Steen for all your help, ya’ll kept it rolling for us girls!!

Donna Ramirez, you know I can’t do without you, Thanks! Alisa O’Steen & Michelle Patrick, thanks to you two for all the help, and Michelle for all the phone conversations when I was freaking out!!!  Thanks to my wonderful husband, Brian for coming to our pageant, this is the first one he attended!  Now he understands what goes into it all and the Rewards you get from each contestant!  I dearly love it!!


Thanks to my Mom, Dell Strickland, and Leah Farrow, my dearest friend,  for all the help setting up the Stage.  Lydia Driggers, Robin Copeland, Millie & Jimmie Price, thanks for Auditing & Judging, you did a great job!


We hope to get the winners to ride in the parades with the Bulloch Queens.


Thanks for everything everyone, sorry if I left someone out.

Pictures should be on website by Tuesday morning.



Love you all,

Kerri Morrison, Director

For questions, comments, or other information email:
Kerri Morrison, Director